The Ayurveda Zentrum has a 2-week residential Ayurveda and Panchakarma program in Pune, India, that is uniquely designed keeping in mind the needs and problems of people from Europe. The program comprises of :

After several visits to Germany and Europe and on the feedback received from his colleagues, Dr Sathe realized the need to set up an Ayurvedic Panchakarma center at Pune that offers authentic treatment rather than being a Wellness Center or offering shortcuts.

  • Full Ayurvedic medical examination on to determine his/her own constitution on and illness if any.
  • Panchakarma program will be implemented as per Ayurvedic principles.
  •  Daily Snehana – Ayurvedic oil massage (oil will be decided as per individual constitution) for about 40 minutes followed by Swedana- Ayurvedic heat therapy.
  •  Approximately 6 sittings of Basti (Ayurvedic oil enema)
  • Approximately 3 sittings of Shirodhara- (Pouring of oil/ghee on head)
  • Approximately 3 sittings of Nasya- (Putting Ayurvedic oil in nostrils)
  • Approximately 4 sessions of Yoga.
  •  Ayurvedic herbs preparation as per need.

What is inclusive in this Panchakarma Kur.

  • Complete treatment for 12 days as per above details.
  • Airport transport (to & fro from Mumbai or Pune airport) to residence.
  • Freshly cooked vegetarian food throughout the stay as per Arurvedic guidelines
  • One day sightseeing to various place in pune.